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Q. What is the significance of The Keys of Enoch® for the present and the future?

A. The teachings of The Keys of Enoch® are not Millennium-oriented. Unlike statements that focus on the end of the world, apocalyptic imagery, or eschatological events, The Keys detail a vast wisdom that has been provided to this planet through direct revelation, signaling discoveries in science and, yes, warnings about potential solar, geological, environmental and economic problems, beginning in 1973. In addition, through documentaries and films based on the teachings of The Keys (e.g., Merkabah:Voyage of a Star Seed and When Cosmic Cultures Meet), a more humane working relationship between science and religion and the diverse cultural and ethnic components of the human race throughout the beginning of the 21st Century is detailed.

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Dialogue inter-religion

To All Readers of this Website,

The Academy for Future Science promotes collaboration and dialog between science and religion through education, science, culture, and interfaith communication in order to further universal respect for life. Its methodology is to advance tolerance and understanding for all the world’s great traditions of religion, philosophy and science through study, research and conferences. The Academy rejects any suggestion of ethnocentrism, racism, or a denial of the male and female co-participation in the divine experience.

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